Will Cardano’s Masterstroke Will Keep It Out Of SEC’s Radar?

  • September 23, 2021

The crypto industry is witnessing several stringent regulatory acts by the SEC. Which is a thing of concern for enthusiasts in the space. However, in a recent interview, Gary Gensler chairman of the U.S SEC mentioned key points. Where he mentions that staking will have concerns of the regulating body and also compares stablecoins as ‘Poker chips’.

This might be a concern for Ethereum, Solana, and other blockchains. That seems to rely on using Casper based staking system. As they need to stake pools to have custody. However, with Cardano’s masterstroke with Ouroboros, the stake pools don’t have custody.

The network has several trump cards, which are of utmost importance in the space. User anonymity and authenticity have been of immense value in the industry. We can expect a protocol in the pipeline, that will not show the identity of the owner. Yet it can verify the authenticity of the owner when the ownership changes.

Moreover, a mobile-based digital wallet may be on the cards. That allows users to store digital assets and enables users to make private offline peer-to-peer transactions. The receiver can trust that the sender doesn’t attempt transactions after the private keys are handed over. Interestingly, if the platform runs as a layer-2 it becomes infinitely scalable.

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What Does the Cardano Summit Hold For Users?

The Cardano Summit will host numerous events for the two days. The summit will feature the exploration of a virtual world with the traditional conference setup. Interestingly, the probability of the platform announcing overwhelming partnerships at the Summit surfaces the waters.

The summit will feature seven virtual worlds to explore, which are listed below:

  1. Main stage.
  2. Utility.
  3. Governance.
  4. Impact.
  5. Adoption.
  6. Catalyst.
  7. community.

The attendees can interact with members around the globe. Moreover, the summit will offer 48-hours of exclusive content. That includes videos related to news, announcements, interviews, and more. Limited edition collectable NFTs are also part of the big day. And the makers plan to unveil certified DApps at the summit.

Summing up, Cardano is all geared up for the 48-hours long summit, and so are enthusiasts. The network’s masterstroke is to cheer for amongst ADA holders. Other projects including Liqwid Finance and Sundaeswap are scheduled for launch in October. The fourth quarter seems to be interesting for Cardano.

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Source: coinpedia.org

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