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  • January 30, 2022

Cardence is an ecosystem which supports crypto projects throughout its lifecycle. Apart from other features, Cardence is also an accelerator as well as Incubator for Cardano focused projects.

By accelerator we mean that we accelerate the journey of projects from conceptualization to execution. By incubation , we mean that we nurture idea stage projects to prepare it for launch.

Cardence is launching its incubator program for idea stage projects. Criterion for selection will solely be based on the idea and the team. Cardence will handhold at every stage of execution. Cardence also intends to have inhouse projects in coming days in order to maximize returns for its stakeholders.

Incubated projects will be insured projects ,i.e , Cardence will take responsibility of the project’s performance in the short range and will compensate investors in case prices fall below presale price.

Cardence will help these projects in the following :

  1. Design of website
  2. Whitepaper preparation
  3. Tokenomics preparation
  4. Community Management
  5. Graphic design and content creation
  6. Development
  7. Marketing plan and execution
  8. Preparation for launch

We intend to lead private rounds in such projects. This round is different from IDO rounds. This will happen in a closed set up and only selected few will be allowed to participate in this.

This is an elite club reserved for those who hold 50000 $CRDN and stake it in a minimum 30 day lock staking pool. The more the number of tokens they hold, higher is the allocation. Allocation is directly proportional to the number of tokens being held.

Private round prices will be significantly lower than Public Round IDOs. Vesting schedule will be decided on a project to project basis.

We believe that it will contribute significantly to the profitability of participants who hold large number of $CRDN tokens.

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