Cardano360: Mid Month Technical Development Update – February 2022

  • February 13, 2022

It’s the middle of the month so it’s time for us to give you a short technical update on the latest in Cardano development. Joining today we have the regular team of John Woods, Kevin Hammond and Nigel Hemsley with some updates.
This month we focus on what’s coming in the February platform update, plus get a visit from Matthias and Sebastian from the Hydra team
00:00 Welcome to the February mid-month update with Tim Harrison
00:17 Intro to the February delivery from Nigel Hemsley
02:04 Improvements to the node and core network
05:09 John Woods on CDDL
06:15 Kevin Hammond on multisig
07:20 Leadership schedule
08:30 Local transaction monitoring
09:49 Auto calculation for Plutus
10:30 Parameter updates (including latest increases)
12:29 Decentralisation parameters
12:50 Quick preview of June Hard Fork (more details soon!)
13:30 A quick catch up with Hydra’s Sebastian and Matthias (demo link below!!)
16:15 Hydra roadmap
Coming in the major February release delivery
In-memory mapping – efficiency improvements from Node 1.33 & faster sync times
New CDDL format – compresses data-format
Multi-sig – allowing more than one person to sign a transaction; enabling infrastructure for future front-end wallet products
Leadership schedule – schedule of SPOs due to produce blocks
Local TX Monitoring – improvements in tooling based on community feedback
Auto-cal for Plutus Script – improvements on the Tx Size Auto-calculation for dApp developers
Parameter updates – increases to Plutus resources & the number of transactions per block

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