Meet dcSpark CEO & Co-founder, Nicolas Arqueros!

  • February 15, 2022

OccamX, the purpose-built Cardano DEX that will allow users to earn, swap, and provide liquidity to the large number of Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs) available on the market, is ready to launch in February on Milkomeda mainnet. 

 Milkomeda, developed by dcSpark, is a layer-2 Protocol for delivering Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) capabilities to non-EVM blockchains. Utilizing Milkomeda allows OccamX to launch with full capacity, smoother UX and much more efficient price discovery dynamics, sooner than would have been possible on the Cardano mainnet alone. 

 In this video, we interview dcSpark CEO and co-founder, Nicolas Arqueros. He introduces us to himself and the team behind Milkomeda, its mission and how the technology works. Nico also touches upon what we can next expect from the project.

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