Get Feet Wet Knowing Cardano Scaling in Light of ZK-Rollups

  • March 8, 2022

For those who do not know, Cardano could solve the “adaptability Trilema” problem with the Orbis’ layer 2 ZK rollup arrangement.

Cardano’s official blog post on its first ZK Rollup, dubbed Orbis, revealed how the solution will address scaling issues that Hydra will be unable to address.

Off-chain networks are used for computation and verification in ZK Rollups.

The proposed Layer 2 solution is expected to accelerate DeFi application development without jeopardizing Cardano’s Layer 1 security.

Design Of Orbis

Orbis has been proposed as the best scaling solution because it preserves the core features of the Cardano blockchain while scaling the network to the point where it can securely host RealFi and DeFi applications on a large scale, according to the protocol in a blog post.

As Cardano’s dapp ecosystem and user base grow, so will the number of transactions processed at any given time; otherwise, congestion will become an issue.

ZK Rollups, as described on the blog, are Layer 2 solutions for increased scalability; they combine a batch of transactions into a single “zero-knowledge” proof.

Each batch generates a cryptographic proof, known as a ZK-SNARK, which is submitted to Layer 1 and verified on-chain. With Orbis, as with other ZK Rollups available.

The ZK-SNARKs are stored on mainnet and essentially prove that “for some set of inputs and some set of outputs, there is a set of transactions signed by the relevant parties and which followed the relevant smart contracts,” according to the blog.

Such an orbis may significantly improve Cardano’s transaction performance. The group Mainnet underlying the stated protocol records evidence that the inputs, outputs, and those outputs were formed by the inputs according to the rules of blockchain.


The two key components of Orbis, which is essentially an on-chain smart transaction, are the off-chain system, or ‘Brower,’ and the so-called ‘checker.’

Verifier will settle Cardano transactions, while Prover will build ZK.

Proofs of SNARK

Orbis will begin with a browser powered by Orbis Labs; however, it intends to transform it into a fully decentralized, distributed layer.

According to the blog, “full spread of evidence isn’t a PC, individual, or believed element, it is a weakness” and “a clear objective and responsibility of the task.”

Furthermore, Orbis PlutusTx makes it simple to portfolio interesting deals and supports the development of new programming dialects such as Pluto and Plutarch-on-Chain scripts.

Both languages’ alternatives–Pluto and Plutarch–”smooth out for useful on-chain association by using zero-cost consultations over Plutus Core.”

By utilizing the Halo 2 ZK exhibiting structure created by Electric Coin Co.- Zcash-Orbis keeps recursive affirmations, essentially allowing the progression of usage express rollups for unambiguous use cases, for example, DeFi, NFTs, supply chains, and micropayments ”

We anticipate a trademark climate on the Orbis Layer 2 for the overall client and engineer neighborhood Cardano, with more specialty applications gathering their own tailored rollup game-plans that remain composable with other rollups and the mystery layer 2 Orbis concluded the blog, anticipating a successful and interoperable DeFi environment in light of Orbis.

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