Blueshift challenges Cardano with innovative AMM protocol

  • March 11, 2022

Blueshift will challenge Cardano DEXs (ADA/USD) with a highly innovative AMM protocol as its initial DEX offering and token release approach.

The crypto powerhouse will push the boundaries of DeFi through a partnership with Shima Capital, who led a successful $3 million seed funding round, Invezz learned from a press release first published on CoinTelegraph.

Reinvented protocol, virtual pairs, and DAO-based portfolio management

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Blueshift’s novel AMM protocol will feature single-sided token liquidity, liquidity portfolios, virtual pairs, internal pricing oracles, DAO-based portfolio management and more. The platform intends to go above and beyond solutions established on centralized, limited portfolios and smart order routers.

Previously unseen benefits

The crypto space has never seen benefits like those this brand-new AMM protocol will create. Liquidity providers, traders, and other stakeholders will have access to truly decentralized, community-driven portfolios.

There will be no fees on arbitrage operations, very low impermanent losses, and higher annual percentage rates with lower risk. Taken combined, these innovations are nothing short of revolutionary for individuals and the broader ecosystem.  

One Blueshift investor commented:

The Blueshift liquidity portfolios are like ETFs for cryptocurrencies, but with additional DeFi revenues.

The project also holds significance beyond the Cardano ecosystem, the target of its initial deployment. Blueshift aims to broadly revolutionize DeFi and create an ecosystem not limited to specific layer-1 blockchain platforms.

Milkomeda L2 protocol is key to deployment  

The Milkomeda L2 protocol is key to deployment of this cutting-edge technology on Cardano. In partnership with Blueshift, Milkomeda’s team is working on a solution that enables EVM compatibility and the long-awaited DeFi app usability function on Cardano. This lets Blueshift tap into the liquidity of Cardano at once.  

Blueshift and OccamRazer join forces

To this end, Blueshift has joined forces with OccamRazer, the flagship Cardano-centric launchpad. The Occam.Fi team is officially incubating Blueshift.

To be part of the Blueshift ecosystem and use its technology, you can take part in the initial DEX offering (IDO) on the OccamRazer launchpad and acquire BLUES tokens. After the IDO, you can get them on the secondary market.

Significant annual yields from staking

While it’s possible to access Blueshift’s liquidity management platform without owning BLUES tokens, they offer significant APY from staking as well as the privilege to participate in Blueshift ecosystem governance.

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