The first phase of minting Mafia Villains start with character Soldier with 9k unique and hand-drawn NFTs.

  • April 3, 2022

With Mafia Villains project comes the whole ecosystem including minimum 4 income streams. Mafiaverse? Also in consideration.

Mafia Villains NFT project comes with minimum 4 income streams in MV ecosystem.  There will be 4 different characters (Boss, Capo, Soldier & Babe) + Mafia Turfs. We introduce Own to Earn program and Mafia Missions with guaranteed $ADA prizes. 

Part of ecosystem is MV Fund with continuous income from $ADA staking and royalties, fully shared with community. 

As bonus there will be free $MVC token airdrop for each Villain and Turf owner.

Potentially Mafiaverse creation and development with land spots for Turfs’ owners and with official currency $MVC.

Project is fully pre-funded and 100% $ADA from offering is delegated to single SPOs. 100% staking rewards go to MV Fund.


Worldwide might have Mafia clans hundreds of thousands of members.

As #NFT there are 15k male unique mafia villains with 3 characters and later only 5k female mafia villains with 1 character introduced, hand-drawn and precisely selected to become your a bit not a  “NICE guy or babe” avatar. 

Will you become Boss, Capo, Soldier or Babe ? 




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